Lanced and Drained

Forward-deployed maintainers serving with the 379th Expeditionary Maintenance Squadron at an undisclosed air base in Southwest Asia spared a B-1B several weeks on the ground by fabricating a new component in theater. The bomber shed a hydraulic pressure seal in flight, effectively grounding it until a part could be sourced. “We worked to troubleshoot the issue and we found the pressure line wasn’t going to be repaired on the spot,” said SSgt. Jason Hayden, 379th EMS metals technician. Instead of waiting up to two weeks to receive a part from the United States, the squadron fabricated a new hydraulic line, re-pressurizing the system on Jan. 21. “They are able to step in and keep us from relying on the supply system” to get the aircraft back in the air, said 9th Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Unit boss Capt. Kathryn Damron. (379th AEW report by SSgt. Nathaniel Callon)