Lakenheath’s Busy Brood

F-15Cs Eagles from RAF Lakenheath, Britain, took up rotational responsibility for defending Iceland’s airspace on May 16 as part of NATO’s long-standing mission at Keflavik International Airport. “While our primary mission is to ensure the safety and integrity of Icelandic airspace, we are very excited to train with one of the best rescue organizations in the world,” said Lt. Col. Lendy Renegar, 48th Air Expeditionary Group commander. Air Force rescue airmen also deployed with the rotation to train with Iceland’s coast guard, states the release. A single KC-135 tanker from RAF Mildenhall, Britain, as well as a C-130J from Ramstein AB, Germany, accompanied to support the detachment. Lakenheath Eagles will continue alert duty through June 5, according to the release. The unit wrapped up its alert rotation in Lithuania last month, where it deployed additional fighters in response to Russian military activity in Ukraine.