Lakenheath F-15s Hit ISIS in Libya

US Air Force F-15s and remotely piloted aircraft conducted an airstrike against an ISIS training camp near Sabratha, Libya, in the early morning hours of Feb. 19, killing a senior leader and likely dozens of recruits to the terror group. Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said the camp posed a threat to Libya and a broader threat to US interests. “We made it clear we need to confront ISIL wherever it rears its head,” Cook said during a Friday briefing. The strike was conducted by F-15s assigned to RAF Lakenheath, UK, about five years after the base launched F-15 strikes in Libya against forces during Operation Odyssey Dawn, reported the BBC. Cook declined to discuss the specific aircraft and ordnance involved, saying it included a mix of manned and unmanned assets. British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said in a statement that he personally authorized the use of UK bases for the strike. Cook said the strike was authorized by President Obama after a recommendation from Defense Secretary Ash Carter. (See also: ISIS in Libya.) (Cook statement.)