Kirtland Welcomes HC-130P Simulator

Officials at Kirtland AFB, N.M., have formally accepted an aircraft simulator for the HC-130P personnel recovery platform. The simulator provides a high-fidelity training environment for a five-person HC-130 aircrew, according to Maj. Martin Golden, assistant director of operations for Kirtland’s 58th Training Squadron. “For pilots, it does a good job emulating aircraft handling in a wide variety of flight conditions,” said Golden. He continued, “Navigators gain experience in the operation of radar, forward-looking infrared, and defensive systems. Flight engineers and radio operators master aircraft systems, and the entire crew builds familiarity in flight operations while adapting to the personnel recovery mission.” The simulator can hold the entire crew plus four instructors, something previous simulators could not. The acceptance ceremony took place April 8. FlightSafety International supplies the $14 million simulator, which is located in Building 950 on the installation. (Kirtland report by Stefan T. Bocchino)