Key Cyber Player

The Texas Air National Guard’s 273rd Engineering Installation Squadron was recently redesignated as the 273rd Information Operations Squadron to cement its role as part of USAF’s new cyber operations arm led by 24th Air Force at Lackland AFB, Tex. “We went from a long history as an engineering installation squadron to the Air Force’s premier ANG IO unit tasked with providing analysis, reporting, expertise, and capability to planners and decision-makers,” said Lt. Col. Marie Elliott, who heads the unit. The squadron is the only Air Guard IO unit paired with an active duty counterpart under a classic association. It is teamed at Lackland with the active duty 688th Information Operations Wing. “We can’t succeed in this domain without their skilled workforce and teamwork,” said Col. Robert Skinner, 688th IOW boss, of his Air Guard compatriots. (March 19 Lackland report by Capt. Carrie L. Kessler)