Kadena Gets Prescription-Dispensing Robot

Airmen at Kadena AB, Japan, don’t have to wait as long to get a prescription thanks to a new robot that has reduced the workload on medical personnel. PharmASSIST ROBOTx is a machine that stores, counts, and dispenses medications. When electronic prescriptions arrive from doctors, the machine uses barcode scanning checks to allocate the correct medication in the proper amount. The robot is capable of filling prescriptions every 15 seconds, producing up to 240 prescriptions per hour and slashing the typical wait time for airmen and their families from 30 minutes to roughly 20 minutes. “We can take care of our other responsibilities around the pharmacy that sometimes get pushed back because we don’t have enough time,” said TSgt. John Garcia, 18th Medical Support Squadron noncommissioned officer in charge of pharmacy services. (Kadena report by A1C Tara A. Williamson)