Kadena Airmen Train at Andersen

Airmen and E-3, F-15, and KC-135 airplanes from Kadena AB, Japan, deployed to Andersen AFB, Guam, for a month’s worth of training, according to a Kadena release. This time at Guam will give these airmen the opportunity to train with other US assets in the region, like the B-52s currently deployed to Andersen from Minot AFB, N.D., states the June 20 release. “The benefit we have of going to Andersen Air Force Base is that we’re working essentially from a deployed environment where we don’t have all of the operational tools available back home as well as the maintenance tools back home,” said Maj. Brett Faber, assistant director of operations for Kadena’s 44th Fighter Squadron, an F-15C unit. “Additionally, we have the opportunity to integrate with the B-52s that are out there, as opposed to not having any dissimilar assets around [Kadena],” he said. The airmen departed Kadena on June 18. (Kadena report by SrA. Maeson L. Elleman)