JPADS Debuts in Europe during US-Polish Training Exercise

During a two-week training event last month with Polish airmen in Poland, a C-130J aircrew from Ramstein AB, Germany, conducted the first-ever airdrop mission in Europe with the Joint Precision Air Drop System, according to officials. “Because of range restrictions and lack of availability in other European locations, this is the first JPADS delivery in Europe,” said Maj. Matthew Spears, commander of the Air Force’s permanent detachment in Poland that coordinates the joint training activities. The airdrop took place on Oct. 23 on the Drawsko Pomorskie Range in northwestern Poland, with the JPADS bundle landing within 25 meters of the desired impact point, according to the Air Force’s Oct. 29 release from Powidz Air Base, from where the US and Polish mobility airmen operated. Polish and US personnel cooperated on the ground at the range, and Polish C-130E airmen were onboard the C-130J Hercules to observe the delivery, states the release. JPADS is designed to enable rapid, precise high-altitude delivery of cargo. “It ensures accurate delivery while providing aircraft with increased survivability,” said Spears. (Powidz report by 2nd Lt. Katrina Cheesman)