Joint Strike Missile’s First Shot

The Joint Strike Missile, designed for the F-35A, was successfully fired for the first time over the Utah Test and Training Range late last month, Norwegian manufacturer Kongsburg announced. “The test demonstrates that we are on track with the qualification of JSM, which brings critical capability to [the] F-35 and the warfighter,” company president Harald Ånnestad, said in a recent release. “This successful flight test further validates that JSM will be an ideal solution for the medium-range anti-ship and land attack mission,” said Mike Jarrett, vice president of air warfare systems at Raytheon Missile Systems, which is partnering with Kongsburg on JSM. The missile is specifically designed to equip Norwegian and allied F-35As, but is adaptable to other aircraft. The Royal Norwegian Air Force plans to acquire 52 Lightning IIs, equipping its legacy F-16s with JSM until they are replaced with F-35As. Flight testing began earlier this year and is slated for completion in 2017. An F-16 from Edwards AFB, Calif., conducted the first test shot, Oct. 28.