It’s a Heinkel!

Salvage volunteers hoisted an ultra-rare German World War II-era aircraft from the bottom of a fjord in southern Norway, reports Britain’s Daily Mail. The Heinkel He-115, a twin-engine floatplane torpedo-bomber, is the only example of its type recovered so far, according to press reports. “It was in remarkably good condition. You could see the swastika on the tail plane and a machine gun still had a belt of ammunition attached,” said oil worker Oliver Scott who observed the recovery, according to the Daily Mail’s July 10 report. The salvagers recovered the aircraft in June. After a two-year soak in an anti-corrosive bath, restorers plan to refurbish the aircraft—possibly to flying condition, states the newspaper. The Heinkel reportedly sank upside-down in December 1942 in 120 feet of water. The fjord’s cold, calm waters seemingly helped to preserve the airplane.