June 2020

Vol. 103, No. 6

Almanac: Structure

The command structure of the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force; numbered air forces and centers.

Almanac: People

Personnel by the numbers: total force; end strength and manpower trends; breakdowns by gender, rank, region, command, Air Force Specialty Codes, and more.

Almanac: Pay

Military basic pay; housing allowance; hazardous duty pay; federal civilian pay.

Almanac: Spending

Department of the Air Force spending trends; DOD and USAF fiscal 2020 budget request; spending as a share of GDP; DOD budget breakdown by service; pass-through funding; major procurement and RDT&E programs.

Almanac: Equipment

Total aircraft inventory; aircraft inventory trends; ICBM and satellite inventory; aircraft age; tail codes.

Almanac: USAF & USSF Installations

A guide to Active duty, Reserve, and Air National Guard installations worldwide; locator maps for U.S. and overseas installations and operating bases.

Almanac: Weapons & Platforms

A detailed guide to the aircraft, aerial target systems, weapons systems, and satellite systems in USAF and USSF inventory.


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