ISIS Still a Limited Threat in Libya

ISIS has remained a threat inside Libya, and the US is standing by to assist if called upon, even after several months of sustained airstrikes on the group drove the group from its seaside haven, the head US official in Africa said Friday. Marine Corps Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, commander of US Africa Command, said during a Pentagon briefing that uncertainty inside Libya and “that drama that continues” has helped ISIS maintain a presence, even after Operation Odyssey Lightning rid the city of Sirte from the group. “Anywhere you have weak, unstable, or no government, that’s a green light for ISIS,” Waldhauser said. While he was hesitant to assess the strength of the group, Waldhauser said an estimate of between 100 and 200 fighters inside the country would be accurate but the “trend line is down.” The ability and desire of the group to occupy territory is no longer there, but if the Libyan Government of National Accord asks the US for assistance, the US will be ready, he said.