ISIS Attacks Are Attempts to Gain Attention

The recent deadly ISIS attacks in Baghdad were intended to “create discord” and to gain international attention, Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren said Friday. “They have lost ground almost continuously now for half a year. They’ve been really taking a beating,” Warren said. “I think they want to try and make a statement.” Warren said US forces are not involved in the defense of Baghdad, but noted that more than half of Iraqi security forces are engaged in that mission. ISIS also launched attacks in the Ramadi area Thursday, Warren said, but it was “less a military attack and more of a terrorist attack.” The suicide bombing was similar to what happened in Baghdad, Warren said, because it relied on truck bombs. Though the attack killed at least 17 Iraqi soldiers, reported Reuters, Warren said the Iraqi forces “didn’t give up an inch of ground” and that “all of the attackers are dead now.” Warren also “welcomed” the announcement that Belgium will extend strikes into Syria. “The additional combat power will help us more rapidly defeat our enemy,” he said.