Iraqi Forces, With US and Australian Advisers, Hit By ISIS Chemical Attack

An Iraqi Security Forces unit, with US and Australian advisers, was hit with an ISIS chemical attack in Western Mosul over the weekend, though the attack had “no impact” on the forces, according to the US-led coalition. US Army Maj. Gen. Joseph Martin, commanding general of the Combined Joint Forces Land Component Command – Operation Inherent Resolve, said during a Wednesday briefing that ISIS “indirect fire” included a chemical weapon, and Iraqi forces were treated “and they were all taken to the appropriate level of care.” CBS News reported the unit included US and Australian advisers, though Martin would not elaborate on the coalition’s position or impact. ISIS’s use of chemical weapons have not had any impact on Iraqi advances, or coalition forces, he said. The chemical weapons have been “low grade” because of ISIS’s diminished production capability, Martin said. While CBS News reported the attack included a mustard agent, Martin said the coalition is “not certain at this time exactly what the agent is” and it is being tested.