Iraq Casualties Lowest Since War Began

As US military operations wind down in Iraq, casualties are at their lowest levels there since 2003, say defense officials. Medical airmen operating in northern Iraq are seeing that trend in the patients they treat . . . and aren’t treating. “We’ve had multiple mortar attacks, but as far as injuries go, we’ve been really lucky,” said SrA. Stephen Leysath, 321st Expeditionary Medical Squadron aeromedical technician at Sather Air Base, near Kirkuk. The squadron runs the primary trauma center in northern Iraq for US military personnel. Leysath said he hasn’t seen a single combat-related fatality since he arrived at Sather five months ago. TSgt. Pricilla McLemore, the unit’s emergency room non-commissioned officer in charge, said the pace is “more routine, with things like sick call and immunizations.” She added, “We get mass [casualties], but not nearly as often.” (Kirkuk report by TSgt. Randy Redman)