Introducing the Spork of Reserve Associations

Officials at Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz., inactivated Air Force Reserve Command’s 45th Fighter Squadron, passing it’s A-10 pilot training duties to AFRC’s 47th Fighter Squadron, which was transplanted from Barksdale AFB, La. “During the last five-plus years, members of the 45th FS have trained A-10 mission-ready pilots alongside our regular Air Force team,” said Col. John Russell, 924th Fighter Group commander, at the March 8 ceremony. Davis-Monthan inactivated the Active Duty 358th Fighter Squadron last month and rolled it together with the Reserve 45th FS as the 47th FS, according to a release. The reformed 47th FS is now the Air Force’s only “combined classic and Active association,” according to a separate March 20 release. Under the arrangement, AFRC pilots will fly with the 347th FS—one of D-M’s two remaining Active Duty A-10 training squadrons, while Active Duty pilots will in return fly with the Reserve unit.