Hurricane Hunters Track Tropical Storm Barry Near Gulf Coast

A WC-130J from the Hurricane Hunters of the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron touches down on July 11, 2019, after a nine-hour mission to inspect Tropical Storm Barry as it approaches the Gulf Coast. 53rd WRS photo via Twitter.

Hurricane season is starting in the Gulf of Mexico as Tropical Storm Barry approaches Louisiana and Mississippi and is expected to make landfall this weekend.

A hurricane-hunting WC-130J from the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron began flying into the storm this week, including a nine-hour mission on July 11.

The squadron reported the storm strengthened after it initially covered a broad area but had weak winds.

Barry will bring a dangerous surge to the Gulf Coast over a period of several days, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Keesler AFB, Miss., posted a message to its Facebook page that it expects heavy storms and road closures, but did not announce any evacuations of its C-130s or other assets.