Hurlburt Honors TACPs

More than 250 persons came together June 26 at Hurlburt Field, Fla., for the dedication of a memorial to those who have served as tactical air control party (TACP) airmen. The front of the memorial, which is located outside of the base’s TACP schoolhouse, is dedicated to all those who have served in this battlefield airman capacity; the back side honors those controllers who have fallen in the line of duty. Two names currently are etched in the back of the memorial: Air National Guardsman SSgt. Jacob Frazier, killed in action March 29, 2003, in Afghanistan, and A1C Raymond Losano, killed in action April 25, 2003, also in Afghanistan. “These men gave the ultimate sacrifice. … The reason memorials are important is that it’s our obligation to recognize that sacrifice and to honor them,” said Brig. Gen. Michael Longoria, commander of the 93rd Air Ground Operations Wing at Moody AFB, Ga., who presided over the ceremony. CMSgt. David Devine, Headquarters Air Force TACP career field manager, noted: “It’s more than a group of men who are physically fit, technically and tactically competent, and brave enough to jump out of airplanes, repel out of helicopters, and run around the front lines of a fight looking for action. It’s men who truly love what they’re doing and will do whatever it takes to take care of their buddies and get the job done.” Today the Air Force has 1,045 active duty and 302 Air National Guard TACPs, according to service figures. These airmen advise ground commanders on the best use of airpower, direct close air support and naval gunfire. (Hurlburt report by Dawn M. Hart)