Herks Ready for Work, Mostly

Officials at Warner Robins Air Logistics Center in Georgia say all the C-130 Hercules transports—save one being converted as a ground trainer—have been inspected for cracked wing-joint barrel nuts. Overall the Air Force has returned to flight about two-thirds of its fleet of some 597 C-130s of various configurations, but it put those serving in Southwest Asia at the head of the line for replacement nuts ensuring that all SWA-engaged Herks are now flying. Other C-130s needing replacements are awaiting manufacture of new barrel nuts, but Terrence May, director of ALC’s 330th Aircraft Sustainment Group, said he expects the shipment of parts on April 8. May noted, “Normally in a situation like this it’s harder to get new parts in the pipeline,” but the quick response meant “outstanding support from the supply system.” The Warner Robins depot identified the potential problem on March 1 as workers took a C-130 through routine depot maintenance. (Robins AFB, Ga. report by Wayne Crenshaw)