Here’s Something That Should Be Kept Secret

Here’s Something That Should Be Kept Secret: Air Combat Command officials at Langley AFB, Va., announced Tuesday the successful testing of new technology that prevents unauthorized individuals from downloading and viewing overhead video surveillance footage from remotely piloted aircraft. Testing of the tactical unbreakable communications air system (TUC Air) took place on the RQ-11 Raven RPA back in April during the joint expeditionary force experiment at Nellis AFB, Nev. “One of the immediate problems that TUC addresses is the ability to encrypt the video and the control feeds going in between small [RPA] and their ground control stations,” said Kenneth Gunter, air initiative manager for TUC Air. The technology is small, lightweight and could be fielded rapidly to joint forces, according to ACC. Press reports late last year alleged that insurgents in Iraq were able to intercept live video feeds from Predator RPA using affordable, commercially available software. (Langley report by Harry J. Lundy)