Hercules Meet and Greet

Members of the 86th Airlift Wing from Ramstein AB, Germany, spent Jan. 28 at Powidz AB, Poland—about 75 kilometers east of Poznan—with one of their C-130s to show the aircraft to Polish airmen and exchange ideas. The 86th AW contingent demonstrated low-level flying, mission planning, standard maintenance, and loading procedures. The Poland Air Force is on tap to receive five upgraded C-130Es from USAF in the near future. Although the E model is a 1960s-era airframe, the Polish assets “will have some modifications, and many components will be changed, so now you are looking at year 2000 technology instead of 1960 technology,” said Brig. Gen. William Bender, 86th AW commander. The five transports will be the largest aircraft in Poland’s inventory and will expand Poland’s cargo and troop moving capabilities and its ability to participate in cooperative contingency operations globally. (Powidz report by SrA. Nathan Lipscomb)