Hawker Beechcraft Seeks Partnership with Chinese Aerospace Manufacturer

Hawker Beechcraft announced on July 9 that it “has executed an exclusivity agreement” with Superior Aviation Beijing, a Beijing-based aerospace manufacturer. Under the terms of the deal, which still requires US regulatory reviews and approvals, the Chinese company would acquire Hawker Beechcraft for $1.79 billion, making Hawker Beechcraft, headquartered in Wichita, Kan., its flagship investment. “Superior is committed to maintaining Hawker Beechcraft’s strong presence in the United States and retaining its current employee base and experienced management team, while positioning the company for future growth at home and abroad,” said Bill Boisture, Hawker Beechcraft chairman. Of note, this transaction would not include Hawker Beechcraft Defense Company, which would remain a separate entity. HBDC is currently offering its AT-6 light attack platform in the Air Force’s Light Air Support competition. If negotiations with Superior are not concluded in a timely manner, Hawker Beechcraft said it would then proceed with seeking approval of a reorganization plan it filed in US bankruptcy court on June 30 to emerge as a standalone entity with a more focused portfolio of aircraft.