HASC Panels Mark Up Defense Bill

Six of the House Armed Service Committee’s panels have released their markups of the Fiscal 2016 defense authorization bill. Among the language they added is a provision calling for the United States to “begin research and development” to “fill current military requirements and capability gaps” in as soon as two years, if Russia does not return to compliance with the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty. Other measures block a proposed BRAC round in 2017, reject proposals to cut commissary and housing benefits, and support adding a 401k-type retirement benefit for military members serving less than 20 years. The lawmakers also want an independent assessment of the reliability of the F-35’s F135 engine. They blocked funds for a follow-on military weather satellite program and pressed forward with support for developing an alternate to the Russian RD-180 rocket engine. The full committee is scheduled to hold its markup hearing on April 29.

HASC emerging threats and capabilities: release and markup

HASC military personnel panel: release and markup

HASC readiness panel: release and markup

HASC seapower and projection forces: release and markup

HASC strategic forces panel: release and markup

HASC tactical air and land forces panel: release and markup