HASC Emerging Threats Mark

The Defense Department needs more analysis to determine the most appropriate mix of cyber operators across its ranks, stated the House Armed Services Committee’s intelligence, emerging threats, and capabilities panel in its mark-up of the President’s Fiscal 2014 defense spending proposal. “The committee is aware that there is interest from [DOD] as well as Congress on how best to leverage the reserve component, including the National Guard, in the department’s organizing construct for cyber operations,” reads the mark. “While the committee supports these considerations, it is also concerned that current legislative proposals to dictate National Guard units for each of the states and territories is premature and may be detrimental to the overall national effort.” The panel held its mark-up on May 22. The mark also notes the “hefty price tag” of such proposals—roughly $400 million per year. The mark also directs the Defense Secretary to prepare a report outlining the department’s plan for drawing down forces in Afghanistan. In addition, it directs the Defense Secretary to “review the future role of special operations forces.” (IETC mark; caution; large-sized file.)