GWOT Campaign Streamer Authorized

Eligible units are now authorized to add the Global War on Terrorism Service streamer to their unit colors, in recognition of direct support of combat operations since 2001. The Secretary of the Air Force also authorized home station units—rather than expeditionary units—to retain campaign streamers, taking into account how units deploy under the Air Expeditionary Force system. “We felt we were missing an opportunity to fully recognize the efforts and teamwork of Active, Guard, and Reserve garrison units,” Air Force Services Director Brig. Gen. Lenny Richoux said in a Sept. 1 release. “The streamers recognize the unit’s efforts to train and endure the heavy operations tempo during the last 14 years, and to recognize the sacrifices of those service members deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, and other GWOT areas of operation,” he added. A total of 1,442 units are eligible for the GWOT campaign streamer for deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, home-station missions, such as Operation Noble Eagle, or direct combat support, such as remotely piloted aircraft operations, according to the release.