Gulf Allies Participate in Syria Strikes

Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates participated in or supported airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria on Monday night, according to President Obama and participating governments. Jordan, which has fighter bases within close range of several of the targeted areas and with whom the US regularly trains, announced Tuesday several Royal Jordanian Air Force aircraft “bombed and destroyed a number of selected targets used by terrorist groups to dispatch their members for terrorist attacks in the kingdom.” The statement added that terrorists targeted several Army posts on the border, prompting Jordan to take “decisive measures” against several ISIS sites. The state-run Bahrain News Agency declared a group of fighters from the Royal Bahrain Air Force carried out strikes as well on a “number of selected targets of terrorist groups and organizations, and destroyed them.” The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs also released a brief statement declaring the UAE Air Force launched strikes against ISIS targets “in coordination with other forces.” Qatar released no official statement, and the Saudi Arabian state news agency declared the Royal Saudi Air Force participated in the operations, but did not specify whether RSAF aircraft struck targets.