Greening in the Sand

The 380th Air Expeditionary Wing on Monday became the first wing under Air Forces Central and the first US military unit in Southwest Asia to convert to a more energy-efficient fleet of ground vehicles per a White House green initiative for federal agencies. The wing swapped out its 22 vehicles for more gas-efficient models, including a new staff vehicle for the wing’s boss, Brig. Gen. Bryan Benson. “It doesn’t seem like a lot, because we are only changing out 22 vehicles,” said SMSgt. Troy Saunders, vehicle fleet manager for the 380th Logistics Readiness Squadron. But with similar changes at all US military bases stateside and overseas, “now you are talking about saving a significant amount of fuel,” he continued. The 380th AEW operates Air Force intelligence-surveillance-reconnaissance aircraft and tankers from an air base in Southwest Asia. (380th AEW report by SrA. Stephen Linch)