Grading Academy Athletics

The Air Force Academy’s athletic department received an “effective” overall rating, meaning it performs its mission, but is not excelling, according to the results of a newly released Air Force Academy Inspector General inspection. Ratings range from “outstanding, highly effective, effective, marginally effective, or ineffective,” according to an Oct. 14 release. The inspector general’s office used four “graded” areas in its review of the athletics department: “managing resources, leading people, improving the unit, and executing the mission,” states the release. Although the IG found that cadets get a competitive experience in a physically demanding environment and athletics employees are exceptional in their planning, orchestration, and execution of the hundreds of annual department events, it also found room for improvement. For example, there is a culture that doesn’t promote a sense of common belonging and there is a need for improvement in morale and “to the management of administrative and personnel actions,” states the release. “This inspection validates some of the areas where we know we can improve,” said Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson. “However, it also highlights there have been significant gains over the past year and that there are program strengths and a number of areas in the department that are effectively meeting their mission.”