Good Recruiting, Again

The strong run in recruiting new enlistees for all the military branches and reserve components continued through March, according to the latest data released April 10 by the Pentagon. All elements met or exceeded their monthly goals, with the Marine Corps surpassing its goal of 1,411 recruits by 43 percent. The Air Force took in three more recruits than its goal of 2,745, continuing to rebuild the force toward an overall end strength by 2010 of around 332,000 officers and enlisted airmen. (The service is trying to boost its numbers of military training instructors to handle the increased workload.) And, for March, both the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve were successful, with the Air Guard recruiting 933 against its goal of 840. Despite the continuing recruiting bonanza, defense officials and lawmakers cautioned budget cutters from taking a bite out of recruiting and retention program dollars.