Goldfein Wants Grassroots Squadron Revitalization

The revitalization of squadrons begins with “pushing decision authority down” to appropriate levels, Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen. David Goldfein told reporters Friday at AWS17. Goldfein said he recently met with 273 wing commanders and told them two things: “I trust you,” and “don’t wait for me to come to you with the big program.” Goldfein said that’s one reason why the boundaries of the revitalization effort have been difficult to discuss publicly. The program will be a “four-year effort,” he said, and much remains unclear about its development because he wants to create a real grassroots initiative. But he said the program team has taken “a first swing” by returning certain authorities to the squadron level and reducing additional duties. Currently, the program is undertaking a “comprehensive review of Air Force instructions” to identify potential streamlining and to target areas where official policy can further empower squadrons.