Going Near-Solo

Members of the fledgling Iraqi Air Force are now training their own flight medics in the four-week course at New Al Muthana AB, Iraq. While these activities still take place under the watchful eye of the coalition air force training team, soon the Iraqi instructors will have complete oversight of the course. On June 4, 18 certified Iraqi flight medics graduated, marking the largest class so far. The medics are now qualified to support their assigned military units with aeromedical evacuation of wounded aboard Iraqi helicopters or C-130s. “This is a very important mission for me and for the Iraqi air force,” said IqAF Lt. Amar Gaad, nurse and flight medic instructor. He added, “We are here to save lives so that our army counterparts can focus on their mission and on their service to our country.” Just last month, we reported that the next class of prospective Iraqi flight surgeons was expected to be taught entirely by Iraqi physicians. (Includes New Al Muthana report by SSgt. Tim Beckham)