Franklin Retires as a Two Star

Third Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Craig Franklin will retire as a two-star, confirmed a US Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa spokeswoman. Franklin’s decision to overturn a military sexual assault conviction in February 2013 sparked a contentious debate on Capitol Hill that eventually led to a series of changes to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. He once again came under fire in December when he declined to pursue a court-martial in an alleged sexual assault case at Aviano AB, Italy. In a statement released last week, Franklin said he feared the public scrutiny of his future decisions could infringe on the privacy of future victims and the accused. “The last thing I want in this command is for the people to feel they cannot bring a sexual assault case forward or feel it won’t be dealt with fairly,” said Franklin in a statement. USAFE-AFA spokeswoman Capt. Reba Good told the Daily Report Franklin will retire as a major general “because he does not have the time-in-grade” to retire at his current rank. She added, “It is Defense Department policy that general officers have three years time-in-grade to voluntarily retire at their current rank.” Good said Franklin “will not pursue a waiver.”