Flight Test Done for Super Galaxy

Lockheed Martin said Aug. 18 in a company release that it had “successfully completed” developmental flight testing for the three C-5 test aircraft that had undergone Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining Program modification. Next up is operational testing by the Air Force, slated to begin in the third quarter of 2009. According to George Shultz, C-5 modernization program VP at Lockheed, the RERP aircraft, now designated C-5M, “performed great throughout the test program, demonstrating consistent and reliable performance allowing this team to execute all test points as planned.” Under the Air Force’s latest plan for the C-5 fleet, all C-5B and C-5C aircraft will receive RERP upgrades. The oldest C-5s, the A models, will receive only the Avionics Modernization Program upgrade. Lockheed says it has completed AMP mods on 43 C-5s, which are back in service. The service has some 49 B and C models and nearly 60 A models, a few of which are grounded or on restrictions.