First SABRs Rattle Down the Line

Northrop Grumman’s first few active electronically scanned array radars for the F-16 Radar Modernization Program have already entered production and completed several key design reviews, the company announced. “I am proud to say that we are producing [engineering and manufacturing development] assets now that will be used for final integration and testing,” said Jeff Leavitt, company combat avionics vice president. “These EMD assets are anticipated to be identical to future production units,” he added. The Air Force selected the company’s Scalable Agile Beam Radar in a competition to retrofit some 300 late-block Air Force, and Taiwanese F-16s with modern AESA radar last July. Since then, the SABR has completed three “major development and design reviews,” and proceeded into limited production, according to the Feb. 4 release. SABR has flown more than 200 flight-test hours and completed more than 4,500 ground test hours, Northrop Grumman stated.