Firefighting First

The Air Force’s first revolutionary P-34 firefighting vehicle arrived at Tyndall AFB, Fla., where the Air Force Research Lab’s Fire Research Group partially developed the fire tender. Equipped with an easily controlled small-diameter high-pressure hose, “the techniques for firefighting with this truck are different,” said Tyndall firefighter Robert Maher. He added, “Before we would discharge a lot of water on a fire to put it out, however, with the P-34, we use smaller amounts of water.” Firefighters with the 325th Civil Engineer Squadron got their introduction to the new technology during two days of training following the vehicle’s Feb. 9 arrival, extinguishing 27 practice blazes, including 500-gallons of flaming JP-8 fuel. “Numerous bases will be transitioning to this vehicle,” said Charles Cain, 325th CES fire chief. Tyndall received the first of 89 trucks that the Air Force purchased in the first lot. The base’s second P-34 will show up soon. (Tyndall report by SrA. Rachelle Elsea)