Finding the Sweet Spot

The integration of space and cyber has completely changed the nature of warfare, but the Air Force needs to do a better job at multi-domain command and control, said Lt. Gen. Jay Raymond, deputy chief of staff for operations on the Air Staff, at ASC16. “That’s probably the most urgent pressing need” from an operational perspective, said Raymond, who was recently confirmed for his fourth star and for assignment as commander of Air Force Space Command. “Multi-domain command and control is the sweet spot and we’re going to be focusing on that pretty hard the next couple of years.” Lt. Gen. William Bender, USAF chief information officer, said in order to be successful in the dynamic cyber environment, the Air Force must change its cultural mindset. “We’re having to really transform ourselves in a significant way,” said Bender. For example, USAF is looking to modernize its communications squadron, so blue-suited airmen can truly understand the cyber terrain and the systems involved and give commanders “visibility on where the risks are and the risks they are taking,” he added.