F-22 UPDATE: Search Continues for Missing Pilot

A massive rescue effort is underway to locate the F-22 pilot missing since his Raptor crashed Tuesday evening in a remote, rugged area about 100 miles north of Anchorage, Alaska, during a nighttime training flight. The aircraft was assigned to the 3rd Wing at Alaska’s Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. Elmendorf spokesman AIC Christopher Gross told the Daily Report late Thursday US East Coast time that base officials “know where the [crash] site is” and are “in the process of getting people and supplies” there. That’s no easy task. “The training area where the F-22 crashed is larger than the state of Vermont,” said Col. Jack McMullen, 3rd Wing commander in a base release issued late Thursday. He continued: “It’s remote, with no maintained roads in the winter and the terrain is very rugged. All these factors complicate the process even in good weather. When you factor in sub-zero temperatures and the potential for heavy snowfall, you see this is truly a massive undertaking.”