F-15 Arrives at Chico Museum

After a journey of 6,000 road miles, a former 1st Fighter Wing F-15C from JB Langley-Eustis, Va., arrived at its new home, the Chico Air Museum, outside of Chico, Calif. Dubbed the “Freedom Eagle,” the museum purchased the surplus F-15 on the condition that the museum fund the estimated $28,000 move from Virginia, reported Northern California’s Contra Costa Times. Maintainers from the 1st FW prepared the F-15 for the cross-country trip, stripping out sensitive components, removing the wings and horizontal stabilizers, and loading everything onto two freight trucks. The trip started on July 25 and ended six days later. Volunteers will reassemble the aircraft over the next few weeks. The museum plans to dedicate the F-15 (serial number 80-0014) in a ceremony honoring veterans in September. Museum officials hope to locate its final pilot in time for the event. (Includes Langley report by SrA. Jason Brown)