Expeditionary Commander Receives Bronze

The Air Force has awarded a Bronze Star to Lt. Col. Carlos Camarillo, who deployed from Dover AFB, Del., to lead the 586th Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron in Southwest Asia for six months and relinquished command during a March 12 ceremony. Camarillo said he was “humbled” by the medal, saying it was a “privilege” to command “so many brave men and women [who] go out on the road every day, … literally putting their lives on the line.” Despite 34 attacks, his unit successfully conducted more than 160 combat logistics patrols, delivering 1.7 million pounds of cargo to 25 forward operating locations. Camarillo also is credited with streamlining and refocusing the squadron. (386th Air Expeditionary Wing report by SSgt. Thomas Doscher)