Erasing the Seven

JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii Pacific Air Forces has removed A7—installations and mission support—from its lexicon. “We’re now an A4 only,” said James Silva, PACAF, deputy director of logistics. The Air Force Installations Mission Support Center, which was established last year to consolidate major command-level installation and mission support activities under one commander, does “all our heavy reach back corporate enterprise stuff now,” said Silva. “We’re still developing the process of what gets handed off to them and what doesn’t.” Col. Mickey Addison commands the IMSC detachment in Hawaii, which is made up some 60 personnel, about half of whom are civil engineers, he told Air Force Magazine during a recent visit to the base. The detachment focuses on posturing and writes policy for garrison and sustainment operations at the main operating bases, he added. PACAF is the first of the major commanders to make the change, but the others are expected to follow suit. Now, “the other MAJCOMs are calling us and asking, ‘How did you erase your 7?’” said Silva. One thing that’s still not clear is whether the new directive will filter down to the numbered air forces, he added.