Enlisting More Help

The first class of enlisted airmen to train as unmanned aircraft system sensor operators at Randolph AFB, Tex., began their 21-day basic technical schooling on Monday. The plan, as announced last month, was to select cross-trainees for this first course to help speed the flow of UAV operators into the pipeline and open it to airmen basics next month. “This training lays the foundation for developing our enlisted force in this new career field, which is critical to meeting the demands of emerging UAS operations,” said Col. Jimmy Donohue, commander of Randolph’s 12th Operations Group Det. 1. Graduates, who will earn the new 1U0X1 specialty code, will be certified as sensor operators once they complete their training, but Donohue said they will still require “specialized follow-on training” before being fully mission-capable. (Randolph report by SrA Katie Hickerson)