Enlisted Cyber Career Field Launched

The Air Force has added an enlisted career field for cyberspace defense operators. This new specialty code, 1B4X1, is designed to retrain airmen on computer network operations. Twelve airmen comprising the first class destined for this undergraduate cyber training will start their instruction in January at Keesler AFB, Miss. The initial cadre will comprise airmen coming over from intelligence and cyberspace support specialties. “The 1B4X1 cadre will solidify and strengthen our ability to establish, control, defend, and leverage cyberspace,” said Lt. Gen. William Lord, USAF’s chief of warfighting integration. Fifty airmen per year are scheduled to attend UCT in Fiscal 2011 and Fiscal 2012. Back in May, the Air Force established the officer cyberspace defense operator career field. The first undergraduate class of 16 officers in this field will graduate in December. (SAF/PA report by MSgt. Raheem Moore)