Enhanced Force Protection for Africa Deployments

An acquisition team at Hanscom AFB, Mass., delivered on short notice a Tactical Automated Security System to enhance the protection of US military personnel deployed to dangerous areas of Africa. “This has been an incredible display of what we do here: delivering rapid protection solutions to our warfighters,” said Lt. Col. Jason Avram, Force Protection Branch deputy chief, in Hanscom’s April 30 release. TASS is a rapidly deployable suite of cameras, thermal imagers, and radar that integrates with the existing Installation Intrusion Detection System, enabling security forces to remotely monitor and detect intruders attempting to breach an installation, states the release. “TASS is going to greatly impact our ability to detect intrusions and respond accordingly,” said MSgt. Christopher Rochefort, a security forces noncommissioned officer in charge at one of the receiving bases. The Hanscom team received an urgent request for this capability in December 2013; in less than 80 days, it delivered TASS ahead of schedule and at a reduced cost, according to the release. (Hanscom report by 2nd Lt. Adam Kelly)