End of the Line

A 1962-vintage C-130 transport flew its final combat mission Jan. 28 and will now be retired. During its 47-year tenure, aircraft No. 1847 amassed approximately 30,100 flying hours, all without incurring any combat damage or having any major accidents. Even on its final deployment from Ramstein AB, Germany, to the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing in Southwest Asia, the aircraft racked up more than 440 flight hours over the course of 340 sorties. “It’s above standard mission capable rate over the course of this deployment is a tribute to the maintenance crews,” said Col. Herbert Phillips, commander of the 386th Maintenance Group. He added, “It is particularly amazing when you consider the age of the aircraft is older than the ages of the two crew chiefs added together.” Back in November, another C-130 with the 386th AEW eclipsed 30,000 flight hours. (386th AEW report by SSgt. Thomas J. Doscher)