Employing Gaming Technology to Reduce Cost

An Air Force Research Lab unit has completed a fast-track technology demonstration project to employ commercial gaming technology to produce the next generation of military interactive training tools more quickly and at less cost. Members of a division of AFRL’s 711th Human Performance Wing at Mesa, Ariz., disclosed the results of the project begun in June during an interservice technology conference in Florida Dec. 1. First Lt. Clinton Kam, an aeronautical engineer on the project, explained: “You have this billion-dollar gaming industry, and they’re advancing the technology constantly, pushing forward the video cards, the physics cards, the processors. So our challenge is, how can we leverage their efforts?” It took the research team only six months to integrate high-fidelity real-world aircraft models with an existing commercial off-the-shelf gaming software program. Project lead and aeronautical engineer 2nd Lt. Luke Lisa said, “Our first objective was an integration proof of concept, showing that tying these packages together can work [and provide] an alternative approach that saves money and helps meet the warfighters needs faster.” (AFRL report by John Schutte)