Ediger Becomes USAF Surgeon General

Lt. Gen. Mark Ediger pinned on his third star and became the 22nd Air Force Surgeon General during a June 9 ceremony at the Defense Health Headquarters in Falls Church, Va. Ediger, who previously served as the deputy surgeon general, replaced Lt. Gen. Thomas Travis, who retired June 5 after 39 years in uniform. “Mark is a great officer and great leader,” said Air Force Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Larry Spencer during the ceremony. “He is the right person to take over and will be a fantastic surgeon general for the Air Force.” In his new role, Ediger will serve as an advisor to top Air Force and Defense Department leaders. He also will manage a $6.6 billion integrated health care delivery system serving 2.6 million beneficiaries at 75 military treatment facilities across the globe, according to a June 9 release. “The Air Force Medical Service provides trusted care, anywhere,” said Ediger. “Trust can’t be assumed, it is earned every day. I am privileged and honored to serve and I pledge my continued commitment to the health and resilience of our airmen and their families.”