Early Warning Network Gets Upgrade

The 50th Space Communications Squadron at Schriever AFB, Colo., is in the final phase of a six-year, $6 million project to upgrade the communications links connecting ballistic missile warning sensors at global sites to North American Aerospace Defense Command headquarters at Peterson AFB, Colo., said Schriever officials June 6. The links are part of the Air Force Space Command Digital Integrated Network, known as SDIN. Squadron members have been replacing SDIN’s 1980s-era “Timeplex” equipment with modern “Juniper” hardware at sensor sites around the world, some of which are in remote locations, said the officials. Mike Hamilton, SDIN program manager, said the Timeplex equipment “was growing beyond its end of life,” creating the urgency for the upgrade. Plus, there’s been the challenge of ensuring there is no disruption of service to the early warning network during this work, said the officials. The squadron tentatively expects to complete the upgrade in September. (Schriever report by Scott Prater)