“Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell” Stays in Place for Now

The US Supreme Court ruled last week that the Pentagon’s “don’t ask-don’t tell” policy will remain in place while the case challenging its constitutionality moves through a federal appeals court. SCOTUS denied a request from a gay rights group to suspend the policy while the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco reviews it. The appeals court reportedly cannot hear the case until at least March. The appeals court on Nov. 1 stayed a lower judge’s Oct. 12 ruling that don’t ask-don’t tell was unconstitutional. The lower court’s ruling stopped the policy’s implementation until Oct. 20 when the appeals court suspended the ruling at the Justice Department’s request. As the legal battle continues, the Pentagon leadership is preparing to receive on Dec. 1 the results of the Defense Department’s in-depth study exploring the impact of repealing don’t ask-don’t tell. (AFPS report by Lisa Daniel)