DOD Releases New China Report

The Pentagon on Wednesday released its latest review of the military prowess of the People’s Republic of China. The report noted the “comprehensive transformation” being undertaken by China’s military to covert from a mass army to one more suited to “fighting and winning short-duration, high-intensity conflicts along its periphery against high-tech adversaries.” According to the report, the “disruptive military technologies,” including those aimed at “nuclear, space, and cyber warfare” Beijing has embraced are “changing regional military balances” with “implications beyond the Asia-Pacific region.” The Pentagon acknowledges that some of the capabilities China is developing have enabled it to “contribute cooperatively” to international peacekeeping and humanitarian and disaster relief operations, however, the report cautions against a continued “limited transparency in China’s military and security affairs.” Further, the report notes that Beijing has used both US and Russian air forces as its models in building a “more flexible and agile force able to operate off-shore in both offensive and defensive roles.” And, “newer and more advanced aircraft make up a growing percentage of [China’s combat air] inventory,” states the report. (Report, caution large file)