DOD Schools not Immune from Civilian Furloughs

Beginning in July, when the furlough of Defense Department civilian employees is scheduled to start, 12-month US employees in DOD schools, such as principals, will face up to 11 unpaid days off through the end of September, said Marilee Fitzgerald, director of the Pentagon’s education activity, in a release. Nine-month employees—mostly teachers—will have up to five days off under the furlough, beginning in September, she said. “The goal of all of our teachers . . . is to try to ensure that there is the least disruption possible to the educational life and experience of our children,” said Fitzgerald. Schools will remain open, but there will be no regular classes on the furlough days, she said. The furlough days will probably fall on Mondays or Fridays. Teachers will give students extra reading assignments and homework to help them make up the loss of classroom time, said Fitzgerald. From an educator’s perspective, officials should add more days to the school year, not subtract them, she said in the late May release. (AFPS report by Karen Parrish)